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What is Business Process Mapping

Processes are at the heart of every business. To do things properly, data must go across the workplace in a specific order, whether it’s employee onboarding or purchase orders. What would the process flow look like if you asked your team members to draw it out for you? Something like an architect’s blueprint, or a […]

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing For Insurance Companies

Can business process outsourcing really help the insurance sector? Let’s have a look. Stringent regulatory norms and changing market drivers are leading to a substantial change in the insurance industry. And businesses are facing many operational challenges. These include the need to establish a competitive pricing model and improve turnover ratios. Increased competition and the […]

Business Processes Real Estate Firms Should Outsource

With new methodologies emerging almost weekly, and the relatively slow growth of the global economy, the real estate industry has become fiercely competitive. Companies are feeling the need to limit expenses whilst preserving profits. Many real estate agencies are looking to streamline their business processes for higher efficiency. They are facing the need to shift […]

Why Reviews Are Important for Businesses

We recently wrote a blog regarding the benefits of using remote team technology. This time, we’ll be looking at the effects in an applied setting. Let’s start by chatting more about the effect of one of the most misunderstood tools in business – the review. We’ll be using two of the most recent Clutch reviews […]

Overcoming Data Management Challenges by Outsourcing

In the Information Age, the nature of business and financial management has changed. The increased digitization of financial services has brought with it both the exciting opportunity, and the great challenge of managing vast amounts of client information. This data provides the means to improve decision-making, personalize customer services, improve customer acquisition, and align new […]

Outsourcing for FinTech Companies: A New Approach

The FinTech industry has become a crucial modern enhancement to how businesses and individuals can sustain, grow, and manage their daily requirements. By combining technological advancements with monetary needs, many companies have been aiming to not only increase their working potential but go beyond this to effectively revolutionize the boundaries of previous financial processes. Whether this […]

Using KPIs and Deliverables for Success in Remote Staff

Remote staff solutions are a more cost-effective approach to maintaining company operations. Outsourcing remote staff has immense benefits, like decreasing company overheads and optimizing resources. One concern, however, is how to maintain productivity levels with a team that works in different places.  Noon Dalton is an expert in supplying remote teams to our clients. We […]