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We Assemble World-Class Virtual Teams to Deliver Exceptional Results

Use our remote teams to make your business more agile, more flexible, and more streamlined. 

We’re the global leaders in outsourced customer service, sales support, recruitment & HR outsourcing, underwriting, insurance, e-commerce solutions, and more.

Let us help you grow.

Customer Support

Managing and undertaking call center and omnichannel support is time-consuming and often costly, but critical for many businesses. Noon Dalton provides remote teams of highly trained live agents, who can manage a range of call center activities.


Sales Support

Many aspects of sales support, such as lead qualification, cold lead follow-up, and managing a CRM database, require no face-to-face interaction. These tasks can be skillfully and expertly completed by remote teams, while saving your company time and money.


Expertly trained and dedicated remote teams are a cost-effective way to ensure that the recruitment process is streamlined and pain-free. Noon Dalton provides high quality teams, who can support recruitment and HR departments, for a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Tech Solutions

With access to better skills, an improved price to quality ratio, and ease of upscaling, we can handle a wide range of information technology functions including software development, infrastructure solutions, and software support.

Data Processing & Management

Keeping up with back office admin is often mundane, time-consuming and difficult to manage day-to-day. Noon Dalton offers highly trained staff who can handle a number of tasks for you – from order form processing to PDF data extraction and conversion.


Underwriting loans plays a prominent role in mitigating that risk and determining the reliability of a loanee. Our highly skilled and qualified remote teams can take care of the entire loan underwriting process from start to finish, helping your firm remain efficient despite the lengthy process.


If you don’t have an e-commerce platform as a retailer, you’re already behind your competition. 

We handle your entire e-commerce operation from order processing to managing inventory, right through to shipment and tracking.

Insurance Processing

There is a significant amount of paperwork involved with insurance. Whether you are processing claims, renewals or endorsements, there is a huge amount of effort that needs to go into it. While it may be a long process, paperwork must be filed correctly, with no exceptions.

Virtual Teams Give Your Business an Edge

Our people-centric, outcome-focused approach helps your company work smarter and more efficiently. We don’t just design and build next-gen outsourcing solutions; we integrate them, manage them, and continually improve them so that your business can keep evolving. 

At Noon Dalton, we help you look at your business’s challenges differently. We work with you to create innovative solutions that drive better performance while lowering your overhead costs and preparing you for accelerated growth.