We Simplify Finding, Hiring, Training, and Managing Great Talent with Our Personalized Approach.

Your Trusted Partner for Talent Sourcing and Virtual Staffing Solutions.

Since 2009, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies around the globe as their trusted offshore outsourcing partner. Our virtual teams are comprised of fully-trained, college-level professionals who are backed by the skills, knowledge, and experience your business needs. Our partnership mindset means that we work with you to learn your process, hire the ideal team members, and train them according to your internal standards.

With Noon Dalton, it’s your team, your way.

Peter Ryan Discusses Noon Dalton's Accessible Outsourcing Model

Next Generation RightSourcing

Virtual Teams That Align With Your Standards, Brand & Culture

Access to a deeper and richer talent pool

Top Tier Talent

Our fully targeted, role-based sourcing strategy aligns with your business needs. Once we understand your processes and requirements, we source and place the right talent, making sure they get all the training necessary to fit right in. Our recruitment team customizes their skills search based on the unique requirements of every client, so you get precisely the talent your business needs most.

Reduce 50% of costs related to infrastructure, overheads and management

Significant Savings

We help you hire offshore virtual teams of industry and function-based professionals to work alongside your internal employees. ​Scale your business quicker and support growth and transformational projects at a fraction of the cost of doing so locally. ​ With an outsourced remote team, you can also enjoy the productivity- boosting benefits of 24-hour operations or after-hours service and processing.

Support your unique business requirements

A True Extension of Your Team

We pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible, doing whatever we can to configure your virtual team to mirror your brand, personality, and culture​. One size most definitely doesn’t fit all. We believe every growing enterprise needs an outsourcing partner who can seamlessly integrate their services without offering the same thing twice.

Realize the full potential of your business

Grow Faster

We help you ramp up and accelerate your company’s growth by hiring world-class team members, quality assurance, and project managers to help keep you on track. With our teams you can scale up (or down) as and when required. It’s about your growth on your terms – with a little push from our experts when you need it.

Our Services

Helping high-growth companies meet their goals

Over the last 20 years, we’ve managed hundreds of remote teams globally. Our experience in managing, hiring, and training remote teams is unparalleled. As a result, we’re able to help you define your business’s needs and understand how to address them. Work smarter and scale your business using our flexible outsourcing solutions.

What You Can Expect From Us - Our Process

Total flexibility. Because that’s what you need to grow your business better, faster, and with less stress.

We understand that businesses fear a lack of continuity when considering outsourcing as a possibility for improving their processes. It’s a stigma that permeates the outsourcing landscape – and with other companies, it might not be entirely unfounded.

But Noon Dalton is different.

We know how important continuity is for your goals, customers, and internal team. For you to consider outsourcing, you need a guarantee of efficiency, scalability, and ease of use. That’s why our primary goal is to focus on finding opportunities for your business to grow and simplify.

We define remote team processes, streamline training, offer support, and provide stress relief for teams who have previously been held back by underperformers.

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Identify and Prioritize

We start with tasks that require little training but take up a lot of time. This gives us keen insights into what your business may need. From here, we progress to the more complex tasks, to develop a cohesive understanding of your business’ needs.

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Once we understand all the tasks, we continuously train all new virtual team members through the Noon Dalton University.

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Our project managers constantly monitor performance and provide daily, weekly, and monthly KPI reports.

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The goal is to not only run your process but to continuously improve it wherever and whenever we can.

Rave Reviews

We don’t make businesses conform to our requirements; we create customizable solutions that meet theirs.

We’ve helped our clients position themselves to thrive in our global economy by providing them with highly skilled remote teams outside their local area, allowing their business processes and activities to be completed more efficiently, with less stress, and at a fraction of the cost.

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