Customer Support

An Omnichannel Approach to Customer Care

Customer Support Outsourcing

We provide scalable customer support in any time zone, dedicated virtual teams, and multilingual support experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your business decisions have a significant impact on customer behavior and, eventually, on your revenue as well. That’s why providing outstanding service at every stage of the customer journey is critical.

With Noon Dalton by your side, you’ll be able to apply a data-driven approach to client-centric interactions. To help you achieve this, we integrate into your technology stack or advise you on technology that can help you record communications and provide real-time data.

Backed by years of experience across many clients, our knowledge base is wider than one business’ on its own.

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Put Your Customers First

To become a trusted brand in your industry, you need to build a rapport with your clients. We’ll help you make sure no questions go unanswered, no calls are missed, and no messages fall through the cracks.

Connect With Customers On Their Terms

Live Agents for Phone / Live Chat / Email / In-App Support

Order Processing

Call Screening / Routing

Appointment Scheduling

Tech Support Level 1

24/7 Coverage

Whether it’s by phone, text, chat, email, or social media, our customer service representatives are skilled at providing an informative experience and making customers feel at ease.

The key purpose of customer service is to reply to inquiries as quickly as possible. Allowing customers to connect directly with your business can result in faster resolutions, fewer customer service issues, and building loyalty over time.

Why hire in-house when you could save at least 50% in costs by working with us. Additionally, we’ll handle time-consuming tasks like hiring, onboarding, and quality assurance. We save you time, money, and effort while giving you the opportunity to focus on business growth.

Our Sales Support Outsourcing Teams Use the Following Tools and CRMS

Task Management And Back Office Support Services For E-Commerce Specialists

Following the realization that their most experienced team members were being unnecessarily encumbered by day-to-day tasks, the client reached out to Noon Dalton to request help with customer support, order management, research and analysis, website management, purchasing, and accounting.

Over the year spent assisting with this, our remote team completed over 150 tasks well ahead of schedule, saving the client over 60% in business costs.