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Our tailored recruitment and HR outsourcing services are designed to support, sustain, and improve your organization.

Noon Dalton acts as an extension of your internal human resources department by managing one or all areas of your hiring process. As your recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) expert, we assist you in taking a more proactive and targeted approach to recruiting, from actively sourcing individuals to vetting, interviewing, and hiring.

Our services aren’t limited to recruitment. When necessary, we supplement your HR department with experienced specialists who can assist you in developing policies and procedures that are appropriate for your company. We provide HR strategy and support to help your people and your organization succeed, from training and performance management to employee handbooks and more. We also manage your data and your applicant tracking systems, as well as providing market mapping and pre-screening processes.

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Our virtual teams help you reduce administrative HR to-dos without having to bear the overhead costs of running of an additional in-house department.

RPO and HR Services That Speed Up Your Business Growth

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ATS Management

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Name Generation / Title Based Search

Our experienced RPO admin teams who can help you find the right candidates to quickly fill new or existing positions. We take the uncertainty (and excessive time spend) out of finding, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring experienced candidates for your company. Our proactive and targeted approach to recruiting ensures that you have access to people who are best suited for the job.

Whether you need a full virtual HR team or whether you need to supplement your existing department, we set you up for success with tried-and-tested procedures that integrate HR management obligations and other organizational requirements with each team member’s individual needs.

To make sure that our recruitment and HR outsourcing services stand head-and-shoulders above the rest, we make use of the following tools:

Recruitment Services For Executive Search Firm In the Electromagnetic Engineering Industry

Due to the highly specialized field in which the client works, finding qualified candidates can be a challenge, and the industry average failure rate for executive searches stands at 40%.

During a stressful period, our client was able to access the capabilities of a skilled professional with no long-term contract, no overhead, and no need for a lengthy training period by using our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.