Case Studies

See Decades of Our Industry-Focused Outsourcing Expertise in Action


We know how to manage virtual teams, and it shows.

Because we value transparency and don’t shy away from our responsibilities, we have cemented our position as an industry-leading global outsourcing partner.

We’ve supported our mission by providing our customers with the best remote teams for over two decades. Our infrastructure, delivery model, people-first attitude, and scalability ensure that we help you work smarter, regardless of your business’s goals.

Task Management And Back Office Support Services For E-Commerce Specialists

Following the realization that their most experienced team members were being unnecessarily encumbered by day-to-day tasks, the client reached out to Noon Dalton to request help with customer support, order management, research and analysis, website management, purchasing, and accounting. 

Over the year spent assisting with this, our remote team completed over 150 tasks well ahead of schedule, saving the client over 60% in business costs.

Financial Outsourcing Services For Professional Bookkeeping Agency

With their own client list increasing, and new projects commencing faster than their team could handle, our client required additional team members for bookkeeping services, as well as designing and implementing an effective online web portal that would allow their in-house team members, the additional team members in India, and all clients full-time access from any location.

Noon Dalton enabled the client’s company to provide 20 hours of work a day, which is double the average rate.

Recruitment Services For Executive Search Firm In the Electromagnetic Engineering Industry

Due to the highly specialized field in which the client works, finding qualified candidates can be a challenge, and the industry average failure rate for executive searches stands at 40%.

During a stressful period, our client was able to access the capabilities of a skilled professional with no long-term contract, no overhead, and no need for a lengthy training period by using our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.

Professional Data Capturing Services For Acquisition and Management Firm

The client’s operational leaders approached our team for help with task management and time adherence after seeing that their most experienced team members were being encumbered by day-to-day tasks instead of doing what they excel at.

The client was able to save over 50% on bookkeeping and operational costs.

Optimized Task Management for Agricultural Recruitment Agency

Leaders in the agricultural recruitment sphere, the client reached out to Noon Dalton for assistance with major operational tasks including resume searching and scanning services, job position posting, candidate presentations, marketing initiatives, customer relationship management, and assessment reports.

With Noon Dalton’s expert BPO services, the client has seen as much as a 300% return on investment.

Dedicated Remote Teams For Specialized Investment Firm

A New York City-based investment firm geared towards bringing larger market resources and capabilities to established small and medium-sized businesses, required 4 dedicated resources to help sustain their round-the-clock business model. Noon Dalton put together a specialist team to focus on updating and refining data within the client’s custom-built technology platform.

Thanks to the help of Noon Dalton’s Virtual Assistant services, the client is able to further its mission of job creation and economic growth for lower-middle-market companies.

Professional Back Office Services for Top-Rated Insurance Facilitators

Founded in Pennsylvania over 100 years ago, our client needed assistance with Administrative and Back Office tasks, including the generating and partial underwriting of policies, as well as billing and invoicing duties.

Noon Dalton’s back-office support offices helped the client to reduce their overall costs by over 40% and freed up their own staff to concentrate on growing the business.

Drop Shipping and Back Office Support for Car Parts Distributor

The client approached our team for back-office admin and e-commerce management. They needed help to fulfill and invoice orders from third-party vendors and from stock in their own warehouse. They also asked us to track the shipped parts from distribution to doorstep, as well as assistance with managing their online catalog and updating any new information.

This ongoing project has helped the client save over 60% in costs, with as much as 15-18 hours worth of work being completed in a single day.