Dedicated Remote Teams For Specialized Investment Firm

A New York City-based investment firm geared towards bringing larger market resources and capabilities to established small and medium-sized businesses, required 4 dedicated resources to help sustain their round-the-clock business model. Noon Dalton put together a specialist team to focus on updating and refining data within the client’s custom-built technology platform.

The Client - Star Mountain Capital

Founded in 2010, New York City-based Star Mountain Capital is a specialized investment firm that focuses on bringing larger market resources and capabilities to established small and medium-sized businesses. Helping these businesses to achieve their growth plans by providing customized capital investments, resources, and relationships, Star Mountain generates substantial value to business owners, the economy, and investors, all in an aligned manner. They currently have over 20 employees, with offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, and Washington, DC.

As an additional benefit, Star Mountain contributes to substantial job creation through its business model of helping finance the growth of high-quality American businesses.

Star Mountain has expanded to include aligned investment partners in over 20 U.S. cities, and hosts speakers at over 75 events across the country annually.


Thanks to the help of Noon Dalton’s Virtual Assistant services, the client is able to further its mission of job creation and economic growth for lower-middle-market companies.

Supporting an Investment Firm

To bring proven, larger market resources to smaller, more labor-intensive deals, Star Mountain requires an innovative business model that includes a substantial investment in technology and being able to work around the clock in a cost-effective manner.

Though there was a need for more employee resources, Star Mountain felt that adding full-time staff in New York was not the strategic or cost-effective approach to take. Star Mountain Founder and CEO, Brett Hickey, had a long-term personal relationship with Jehan Noon, dating back to his days at Deloitte. The company was an early customer of Noon Dalton, as they developed their offshore business model, with one Virtual Assistant who was hired to work for them upon Star Mountain’s launch in 2010.

They have since scaled to four dedicated resources with Noon Dalton, which helps them to process information better and faster.

Challenges Tackled By Our Team

Brett Hickey recognized early on that he would need operational leverage to execute his business plan, and to maintain efficiency, a four-person remote team was deployed to operate in overlapping shifts, adjusting at a moment’s notice to accommodate any resource requirements.

Our Solution

The four-person remote team was focused on updating and refining data within Star Mountain’s custom-built technology platform.

Our responsibilities included:

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Tracking interactions with contacts and setting up calls and meetings for U.S. staff.

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Making sure information on contacts is correct and up to date.

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Adding new contact information Using third-party research techniques and training provided by Star Mountain, and updating and standardizing all contact information.

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Extensive quality control Data mining in response to investment research requests by Star Mountain’s U.S. staff.

Apart from the data-driven tasks, they quickly built a help desk ticketing system to manage requests from Star Mountain’s U.S. staff and, because communication is such a crucial element of Star Mountain’s value to its constituents, we worked with the company’s COO and CTO to create weekly team meetings with the remote team using Skype.

Results & ROI

Thanks to the help of Noon Dalton’s remote team services, Star Mountain is able to further its mission of job creation and economic growth for lower-middle-market companies, by making attractive investments for its investors. We provided this fast-growing firm with additional resources, with unmatched flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Star Mountain’s clients, portfolio companies, employees, and even its charitable foundation benefit from a formidable technology platform, maintained with help from remote team services.

“They’re easy to work with and very easy to get in touch with,” says Star Mountain COO & CTO, John Polis. “Our remote team literally functions as if they are right down the hall.” There is coverage whenever Star Mountain needs it. “They work very hard,” adds Brett Hickey.