Professional Back Office Services for Top-Rated Insurance Facilitators

Founded in Pennsylvania over 100 years ago, our client needed assistance with Administrative and Back Office tasks, including the generating and partial underwriting of policies, as well as billing and invoicing duties.

The Client - AMSkier Insurance

Based in Hawley, Pennsylvania, the client is an insurance company that was founded in 1920. Having grown their company over the last 100 years, their practice has evolved to include three major insurance categories. Namely, camp insurance, business insurance, and personal insurance. 

Believing that good service is the key to successful asset and business protection, their team now includes 50 highly experienced individuals that specialize in the different packages they provide. Their commitment to going above and beyond has seen AMSkier Insurance grow into an industry leader.


Noon Dalton’s back-office support offices helped the client to reduce their overall costs by over 40% and freed up their own staff to concentrate on growing the business.

Requirements For The Project

Having reached a point where they could no longer cope with their administrative responsibilities, the client contacted our team for assistance with the general back-office duties.

We were contracted to generate and partially underwrite policies from Insurance company websites. We then had to add to, amend, and update the policy details on the client’s own tools. 

The client further tasked us with billing and invoicing the numerous policies set aside for camps. We had to manage all of the general policy processing, endorsements, and audit requirements for each sector. 

We assigned a team of five full-time remote staff members to assist with this case.

Challenges Tackled By Our Team

The main challenges our team tackled included the day-to-day underwriting and monitoring of any insurance renewals. The team needed to manage and process the large influx of documents at a centralized location. 

This all had to be completed within the client’s budget constraints.

Our Solution

Through dedicated service and a skills-based outlook, our team was able to implement a step-by-step approach to this case.

Our step-by-step process was as follows:

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Once the initial project meeting was concluded, the client sent us a review of what needed to be done, along with the timelines for each task.

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To help reduce operating pressures, we suggested hiring remote workers for each of their producers, so that they could have more time to concentrate on their core functions.

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We assigned and distributed the activities among our team members based on each employee’s skills and experience. This included document management, billing, and invoicing.

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To increase efficiency, we helped the client digitize their paperwork. We also created new presentation formats for ease of use when dealing with customers.

Results & ROI

The client achieved a more efficient rate of task completion. Our administrative work ensured that all of the client’s policies were up-to-date and accurate. Their own staff had more time to concentrate on their customers and on growing the business. Our back-office support helped them to greatly reduce their overall costs. 

Our team gained a wealth of knowledge in numerous accounting procedures and insurance policies. We now have five full-time remote team members working for the client. As this is an ongoing project, we look forward to providing the same level of quality and assistance for the foreseeable future.