Customer Service Teams for UK-Based Furniture Designer

The Client - Designer Of Home And Garden Furniture

Based in London, the client creates sustainable home and garden furniture made from wood taken from certified plantations and plastics that are free of toxins and fully recyclable.

Their range of over 300 styles is expanding constantly, to accommodate the dynamic nature of styling a home.

Their passion for beauty, affordability, and sustainability make them a clear front-runner when designing home spaces.


The client required a team of front line customer service agents who were adept at handling inbound calls, web generated tickets, and follow up calls/emails with customers.

Requirements For The Project

The client required expert customer service teams to help them with their client-facing and back-office client support tasks.

They required a team of front line customer service agents who were adept at handling inbound calls, web generated tickets, and follow up calls/emails with customers.

They also required a team to handle order processing, refunds, delivery dates, order changes and other FAQs. The full list of team members needed were as follows:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Claims Representatives
  • Online Reputation Managers
  • Online Marketplace Managers
  • Dispatch Cloud Management – Update
  • Delivered Status
  • Customer Service Management

Challenges Tackled By Our Team

Due to the high-demand nature of the project and the need for quick escalation in certain areas, the teams faced some challenges. These included:

  • Taking on too many tasks and too many FAQs for the team initially.
  • Unknown calls/ticket volumes making staffing correctly problematic to start.
  • Training times for new staff.
  • Staff turnover due to burnout.

Despite these issues, we were able to find the right team members for the client, which resulted in a smooth customer service operation. And, it allowed us to better assess where else our teams could be utilized.

Our Solution

To make sure that we could meet our client’s goals, did the following:

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We handle inbound inquiries from live calls and web-generated customers. Answering them directly on that call.

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We took outbound calls for order updates or stock updates.

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The online reputation manager undertook outbound calls to generate positive ratings.

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We used a ticket system for web-generated inquiries and internal escalations for the UK team for issues outside of our team’s scope.

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Calls and tickets were routed to the staff next available in a team call queue to ensure all calls/tickets were answered in a timely manner.

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We used targets for unanswered calls, turnaround time of tickets, call handling time, and error rate.

Results & ROI

Benefits at the client’s end: 
We look after the highly repetitive inbound inquiries, such as “what is my expected delivery date”, that are numerous and time-consuming for the UK team. This allows the client to elevate the work done by the UK to be much more revenue-generating and concentrated on value-driven tasks, whilst ensuring the customers are handled in a professional, efficient and timely manner via our staff. 

Benefits at our end: 
Working on this process helped us streamline processes and efficient resource allocation to reduce operational costs. We have refined our staffing models to ensure we have the right people for the needs, without overstaffing. We also found this a great exercise in the division of responsibilities, working closely with the client creates solutions designed to scale with business growth and evolving needs. This ensures that Noon Dalton creates a unique positioning in the market to stand out from competitors.