Optimized Task Management for Agricultural Recruitment Agency

Leaders in the agricultural recruitment sphere, the client reached out to Noon Dalton for assistance with major operational tasks including resume searching and scanning services, job position posting, candidate presentations, marketing initiatives, customer relationship management, and assessment reports.

The Client - Continental Search

Founded in 2012, Continental Search is a firm of professional recruitment agents that specialize in job placements within the agricultural sector. Their team of six placement specialists have over five years of experience and provide a number of recruitment assistance services, including animal health and nutrition careers, agricultural technologies and manufacturing careers, curriculum vitae improvement, and beneficial profile vetting for successful placements.

By using a customized application, they have effectively provided convenience to not only their job-seeking individuals but their network of established agricultural companies seeking new employees and professionals.


With Noon Dalton’s expert BPO services, the client has seen as much as a 300% return on investment.

Requirements For The Project

Requiring operational task assistance, Continental Search approached our team at Noon Dalton seeking professional collaboration and delegation services. We were requested to analyze their current in-house functions and not only assist in improving the vital steps, but provide additional manpower for more mundane tasks, in order to alleviate some daily pressure for other more pressing responsibilities.

The areas of importance included, resume searching and scanning services, job position posting, candidate presentations, website content and design, marketing initiatives, customer relationship management, and assessment reports.

Challenges Tackled By Our Team

While assisting with these tasks, the main challenges our team faced were due to the tight timeline set in place for average task completion and the client’s varied needs. As our services were intended to provide convenience, rather than further stress, we ensured to select only our most experienced specialists. 

We created a priority list and delegated tasks according to each team member’s working pace. Open communication with their team also assisted in making sure that task details were completed correctly the first time, to reduce correction time and delays.

Our Solution

By assisting with the numerous tasks a company of this nature needs to deal with on a daily basis, our team not only provided increased productivity but an undisputed level of quality and accuracy as well.

Our step-by-step process was as follows:

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We began by analyzing the list of needs provided by the client and created a delegation plan for the best performance moving forward.

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All of the customer relations, assessment reports, and email campaigns were handed to selected professionals.

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The job posting, resume sourcing, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn requirements were given to the right team members.

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The graphic design, web content, and marketing initiatives were handed to the members of our team best suited to the tasks.

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Each of our team members worked on their designated tasks and sent the client progress and completion reports for inspection.

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If any errors were communicated to us, we corrected them immediately and resumed our work

Results & ROI

In taking the initiative and selecting a professional partner, Continental Search not only received accurate task and admin assistance but has watched our services lead to at least six new job placements since project commencement.

Their enhanced capabilities have seen as much as a 300 percent investment return, and future predictions are showing as much as 800-900 percent returns moving forward. They are incredibly impressed with our services and have not only extended our contract but referred us to similar companies as well.