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3 Jobs Your Marketing Team Can Outsource Today

Outsource Services to Give Your Marketing Team the Time They Need to Focus 

Most business owners have heard about the benefits of outsourcing services. In fact, in today’s highly digital business environment, more companies are realizing that many of the tasks they need to be accomplished on a daily basis can be achieved by remote teams working offsite. And while many managers and owners simply consider using these remote workers for administrative and general office work, their true capabilities span a range of complicated tasks, including marketing

If you’ve yet to outsource your marketing needs, check out how you can use remote teams to lower expenses and increase efficiency:

  1. Outsource Sales and Marketing Support

Your sales team is busy – which is always good for business. But if they’re too busy qualifying leads, managing the customer or lead database, or following up on prospects, they may not have the time they need to be doing what you hired them to do: sell! 

Imagine how much more focus and attention your salespeople will be able to give to actual sales when they’ve been freed from many of the tasks you can outsource. Professional remote teams are not only capable of managing most of the backend support for your sales team, but they’re also skilled, educated, and trained in these precise areas:

  • Generating and qualifying leads
  • Database maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Follow-up with prospects via email 
  1. Outsource Social Media and Online Marketing 

As important as social media and online marketing are, there are very few business owners who have the time to effectively manage these campaigns while handling all of their other responsibilities. Engaging with your customers, monitoring your social media pages, and ensuring that you have an active online presence are essential to your success.

Many companies have begun to outsource these tasks. Some of the online marketing duties that a professional remote team can perform for you include:

  • Creating and managing your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Overseeing comments and moderating comments to your social media pages and company blog
  • Actively participating in your company’s forum and acting as moderator
  • Tracking and reporting web activity 
  1. Email Marketing and Newsletter Communication

Some of the most effective ways to market your company are via email and e-newsletter. These vehicles allow you to speak to a broad audience of both customers and prospects at the same time. But, just like other marketing tasks, managing these types of campaigns often takes a staff member away from their other duties. This can affect their productivity and your bottom line.

Instead, why not outsource these jobs to a dedicated professional remote team member? They can ensure that quality communication is happening on a consistent basis. 

Virtual Marketing Outsourcing Services Are a Reality

Today’s marketing teams have a lot on their plate. It’s a challenge to gain an edge over the competition and to remain at the forefront of your industry without a consistently and well-executed marketing strategy in place.

Business owners who outsource some of their more repetitive marketing tasks are able to give their onsite teams the time they need to focus on creating winning campaigns and generating more traffic through all their channels.


If you’re looking to outsource some of your marketing tasks, get in touch with Noon Dalton today. As the leading provider of professional remote teams, we can get you the help you need to reap the rewards of outsourcing services. 

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How a CRM Managed by a Remote Team Can Streamline Your Real Estate Business

Stop Missing Out on Leads by Implementing a CRM Managed by a Remote Team.

If you’re an experienced real estate agency, you probably feel like there is never enough time to get everything done in a given day.  Your employees are likely working long hours. And, they’re doing the best they can to stay on top of all of their listings, showings, and closings. Not to mention the mountains of paperwork that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Have you thought about a CRM tool? 

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your entire business, you should look into both a CRM and a remote team. They help to better track your business and to actually manage and implement the tool. Your remote team can help you get everything done.

What is a CRM?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool, makes just about everything you do much easier.  A CRM for a real estate agency offers a variety of benefits, a few of which we’ll outline below:

  • Keep track of clients – A CRM allows you to load all of your client details into a database that can easily be accessed in the future.  When dealing with a large number of properties and clients, it can be difficult to keep track of pertinent data.  With this tool,  you never have to worry, as the database will become your memory bank.  Never again will your team forget an old client’s address or details about a transaction that happened years ago.
  • Access from anywhere – CRM solutions are hosted in the cloud, which allows you to access your data from any device, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.  As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access all of your important data.
  • Real-time tracking – Have you ever wondered how well your latest postcard campaign is doing or whether the contact form on your website is being utilized?  Today’s CRM solutions allow you to track every aspect of your business. This can help you see which areas of your marketing are working and where things may need to be tweaked.
  • Your data is secure – Not only is your data secure in the cloud, but most CRM solutions offer robust backup procedures to ensure that your data is never lost.  This is a much better solution than having all of your important client data on your hard drive. As we know hard drives can crash at any moment.

How do I Find Time to Manage a CRM?

So you probably see the many benefits of using a CRM in your real estate agency. But you can’t seem to find the time to implement it with all of your other responsibilities.  

At Noon Dalton, we have significant experience placing remote teams with real estate agencies. We know what to focus on when it comes to CRM setup and integration.  With a remote team, you can trust that your CRM will be set up and managed properly. This leaves you to reap all of the benefits of the new solution, without the headaches of setup and ongoing management.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how a CRM combined with outsourced customer support can help you grow your real estate business, don’t hesitate to reach out to Noon Dalton today.

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The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Teams

If there is one thing that has become more and more popular in recent times, it is the use of remote teams. Companies are starting to realize the benefits of using these teams and are investing the necessary resources to manage them. This is in the form of software, human resources, and internet connectivity. 

Remote teams can be useful to businesses of all sizes and requirements. This is because they are cost-efficient and productive. Furthermore, in the current times that we are facing, they are a much safer option for reducing the spread of COVID-19. So, are remote teams the solution for your business? What are the pros and cons of using remote teams for your business?

Benefits of Using Remote Teams for Your Businesses

Remote teams have been shown to be beneficial not only for your business but for the people in them. Here are a few of the ways that all parties can benefit from using a remote team:

1. A Better Work-Life Balance

Having a team that is generally happy and has a good balance is key to productivity. Having remote teams that have flexible hours but know what their deliverables are and when they are due is the sweet spot.

By outsourcing, you know that you are working with team members that have found this sweet spot. This is because they have found their rhythm and know how to balance their lives and produce their deliverables.

Their familiarity with remote work means that they are more productive than team members who still need to learn how to find their balance. 

2. Hiring the Greatest Talent From All Over the World

One of the best parts of using remote teams is that you don’t have to worry about geographic barriers. You can hire the best talent from the world over. And most importantly, you don’t need to worry about relocation costs because they can still contribute to your business from the comfort of their homes.

Having highly skilled human resources is key to making your business a success. By outsourcing, you know that you can hire the most talented team members at a fraction of the cost. 

3. Getting More From Your Teams For Less

The cost of running an office is expensive. Overheads such as utilities and rent put a massive dent in your company’s bottom line. You could get rid of these overheads completely by outsourcing teams who work from the comfort of their homes.

Expenses like water and electricity now become the responsibility of the remote team members. What this also means is that you can save all of that money and use it to plan the next corporate retreat. 

4. High Levels of Productivity

Remote teams are more productive than office-based teams. A study by CoSo Cloud showed that remote teams are 77% more productive. Furthermore, they are 52% less likely to take time away from work.

Another added bonus is that, because there is no commute to work anymore, remote teams can sign on and off from work timeously. It is also better for the environment because there are fewer cars on the road and the remote team members save money on costs like fuel. 

5. A Happy Team is a Healthy Team

One of the best ways to have a productive team is to keep them healthy. With the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping people at home is the best way to minimize risk and exposure.

By using remote teams, you know that the teams that you have outsourced are working from the safety of their homes. With all of the tools that we have available today, meetings and work can all be done online.

Outsourcing is the best way to have a happy and healthy team that is productive for the growth of your business. 

The Challenges of Outsourcing Remote Teams

As great as these teams can be for your business, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. There are some challenges, but honestly, nothing that some good planning and innovation can’t fix. So, here are a few of the challenges that you should bear in mind when outsourcing. 

1. Making Everyone’s Time Work Together

One of the benefits mentioned above is the ability to hire teams from all over the world. A downside of these teams trying to set meetings at times that work across all timezones.

One of the ways to mitigate this is to find a good calendar booking tool that can suggest times to accommodate your team from across the world. Getting the members of your remote team to meet at convenient times is much easier with the right tools. 

2. Making Sure That Your Remote Teams Are ACTUALLY Working

As much as you would like to trust the outsourced teams, having some peace of mind wouldn’t hurt. One of the biggest challenges with remote teams is knowing whether or not they are actually working.

You should consider setting deadlines along the way to check in with the teams to verify whether they are meeting important project milestones. The key to this is setting these milestones and clear expectations. 

Remote teams work best when they are fully aware of what is expected of them. Set clear goals and trackable KPIs for the remote teams to ensure that your business gets its money’s worth from outsourcing. 

3. Effective Communication

The most critical aspect to the success of any team is communication. This can be quite difficult when your teams are located across the globe. Luckily, there’s so much technology today that allows you to keep track of the work that you have outsourced and the remote teams. By using the right tools, ineffective communication is a thing of the past. 

Why This Is the Solution That Your Business Has Been Looking For

So now, you are probably wondering whether or not outsourcing remote teams is the best solution for your business. Well, here are a few things that you can achieve by outsourcing remote teams:

  • Controlled output for a fraction of the cost: By outsourcing, you know that you are expecting a setlist of deliverables for a set cost. This puts pressure on the remote teams to meet their deadlines and deliver as promised within the set time, because they are contractually obligated to do so. 
  • Having more control over the teams: Although remote teams are not technically a part of your company, they operate as though they are. Outsourced teams work solely to achieve the goals set by your company. As such, they will perform these tasks to the best of their ability and you can manage outcomes and set milestones for these remote teams. 
  • Saving money and time: As mentioned previously, outsourcing these teams can greatly reduce your overheads. With a business that is in the process of growing, every cent counts. You save even more money because all of your deliverables are produced within a set period of time and the remote teams that you use are obliged to deliver within a set time. 

With the modern-day technologies that are available, most of the challenges that you face by outsourcing can be dealt with easily. The only question that stands now is who do you pick as your partner for outsourcing remote teams? 

Noon Dalton: Your Partner for Outsourcing Remote Teams

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner for outsourcing, Noon Dalton is the answer you have been looking for.We outsource remote teams to companies of all sizes across the globe. We have over 10 years of experience in the management, training, and hiring of remote teams. Furthermore, we keep you and the interests of your business at the forefront of our strategies for helping your business grow. 

We aim to address the pain points that your business is experiencing with our highly skilled remote teams. We do this by creating customized solutions for your business. So, contact us today and let us provide you with the best possible outsourcing solution. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

Rightsourcing vs Outsourcing – What’s the Best Fit for You?

With the world becoming more connected, competition across all industries is skyrocketing. To compete, businesses must re-evaluate their sourcing strategies. But with so many options, it’s tough to know where to start. Is it time to look beyond traditional sourcing models? Or is sticking to tried and tested methods the way to go? It’s Rightsourcing vs outsourcing.

Why Consider Rightsourcing vs Outsourcing? 

Like most people, you probably built your business in a piecemeal fashion. Bit by bit, you put the pieces together until a business was recognizable. But the complexities of modern business means that a business is never done changing. Old pieces might need to be removed and new pieces added. As a business owner, you need to be open to shifting and adapting your business to stay competitive. 


This is where your employee sourcing strategies come into play. If a strategy is going to be successful and pay dividends, it needs to align with your business needs and goals. So understanding the ins and outs of rightsourcing vs outsourcing is important. 

Rightsourcing vs Outsourcing: What is Outsourcing? 

All businesses reach a point where they need to do something new to improve or expand. Outsourcing helps businesses catalyse this process without needing to create in-house mechanisms. As market factors change, so does the way you need to outsource. For example, things like cost, talent availability, and organizational readiness will influence your outsourcing strategy. 


Advantages to outsourcing to consider when weighing rightsourcing vs outsourcing are:  

Added Expertise

Outsourcing to specialist contractors means injecting expertise into your business. Expert outsourcers come armed with new network management tools and technical knowledge. This adds expertise to your business, bettering your purchasing leverage.

Saves Time

When comparing rightsourcing vs outsourcing, efficiency is a huge plus for outsourcing. Using experts means task completion is faster without compromising on quality output. And giving supporting processes to outsourcers leaves you to focus on other core business processes. 

Saves Money

Using outsourcers outside of your business means you skip hiring new in-house employees. This eliminates recruitment and operational costs that come with new staff, like training. It’s also easier to scale back outsourced tasks when they’re no longer needed. 

Mitigates Risk

When you outsource components of your business, you shift some responsibilities to the outsourcer. This lessens risk, as the outsourcer can better plan for mitigating factors. Further, the lack of operational links between your business and the outsourcer means you can move on at will. If a better service opportunity arises, changing to a different outsourcer is simple. This simplicity sets outsourcing apart when evaluating rightsourcing vs outsourcing.

Outsourcing has its benefits, but it’s not flawless. So it might not win the battle between rightsourcing vs outsourcing. With outsourcing, keep in mind – 

  • No single provider is suitable for every business. 
  • An outsourcer’s abilities could do more harm than good if they aren’t appropriate for a specific project. 
  • The transactional-based approach of outsourcing might be incompatible with your business. Services needing mutual dependency or customized processes aren’t suitable for the transactional model. 

Rightsourcing vs Outsourcing: What is Rightsourcing? 

Let’s look at the other side of the rightsourcing vs outsourcing battle. Rightsourcing aims to find the optimal balance between in-house and outsourced resources.


You determine what service is needed and then you find the best resource available to deliver it. Rightsourcing looks different for different businesses. For some, rightsourcing might mean being 100 % in-house reliant. While for others, contracting third-party service providers is preferable. 


Advantages to rightsourcing to consider when weighing rightsourcing vs outsourcing are: 


Successful rightsourcing models usually include a concept called ‘co-sourcing’. Co-sourcing is an agreement where both in-house staff and outsourced experts work together.


Experts provide the lacking expertise and help handle peak work-loads. And staff manage the experts, overseeing and weighing in on their work. This fills the in-house skill gap but allows businesses to be involved in the process – it’s a win-win. 

Co-sourcing is Not Traditional Outsourcing 

It’s easy to get the two concepts mixed up but they’re not the same. If you outsource, you relinquish control over the product you are receiving. But co-sourcing gives you the same managerial control you’d have with regular staff.


Your in-house team will still be responsible for managing internal and external resources. Understanding this nuanced difference between rightsourcing vs outsourcing is essential. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Rightsourcing finds cost-effective staffing solutions without compromising on quality and performance standards. Hiring experts with the right talent resources costs less than hiring the same talent in-house. It’s a winning formula: better service + affordable price + quick time frame = perfect expert. 

There’s More Variety 

Using rightsourcing means tapping into a variety of resource avenues. More variety provides more opportunities for customization. You can also mix and match different resources to suit your business needs. This allows for applications to be tailored to your business processes. 

It Leads to Better Networking 

Global connectivity and modern technology mean you can access the best experts worldwide. Rightsourcing lets you build relationships with expert talent from different contexts. As a result, your networks will be more diverse, stable, and useful. 

Better Communication Increases Productivity 

Modern collaboration tools make it simple to bring external talent into your business. Having in-house managers manage experts creates more cohesion within your business. This cohesion improves communication between in-house staff and experts and fewer communication errors mean more time to market for your business services.

More Administrative Control 

If the service you require is central to your business, you need to make sure it’s executed well. Rightsourcing allows you to maintain direct oversight and tight control of business services. This gives you administrative control while still providing convenience.

As we’ve already outlined, no strategy is without drawbacks. When looking at rightsourcing vs outsourcing, you should be mindful of the following: 

  • Rightsourcing requires careful thought and implementation. Time is needed to identify the right talent and position them in your business. For example, quality, cost, and risk reduction must be at the forefront of your consideration. 
  • Make sure to keep some core systems and skills in-house. Rightsourcing also includes maintaining and upskilling the talent within your business. Save external contracting for highly technical tasks or generic work and keep skills required for customization in-house. 
  • Remember to embrace change. Becoming ‘rightsourced’ requires implementing a coherent, long-term procurement strategy and finding effective managerial techniques for a rightsource environment will be needed. 

Rightsourcing vs outsourcing: Weighing Up Your Options 

Now that you know the ins and outs of rightsourcing vs outsourcing, how do you choose? Rightsourcing vs outsourcing has loads of pieces to choose from! Your exact business needs should be paramount when deciding between right sourcing vs outsourcing. 


Here are five factors to think about when choosing between rightsourcing vs outsourcing:

Services Needed 

Before you choose between rightsourcing vs outsourcing, pinpoint what services you need and then you can decide what resources you need to find. Start by evaluating the skills available in your business and the project’s longevity. 


If the project is short-term or a one-off that won’t need constant revision, outsourcing is a great option. You request the services, they deliver, you pay – simple. If the project is ongoing or you’ll need to use the same expert skills again, rightsourcing makes more sense.


Rightsourcing is better for projects that involve customization or managerial control. Choosing outsourcing for brand differentiation tasks could decrease your competitive edge. 

Choice in Expert 

Expert choice is another important consideration when weighing up rightsourcing vs outsourcing. You must look for an expert who understands your business’s needs. For this, rightsourcing is a great option, as it allows for more operational control.


Rightsourcing lets your in-house staff manage cost, quality, and expediency. This makes sure that every element of the project delivers the most value to your business. 

Cost and Risk

An obvious factor to consider when weighing rightsourcing vs outsourcing is cost. With outsourcing, there’s a risk of dissatisfaction with service delivery which could open you up to possible dispute costs. If money isn’t a concern, then this possibility won’t worry you.


But if money is a consideration, then rightsourcing will make more sense for you. It’s less risky and you’re more likely to receive the services that you want. Ask yourself, can you afford either option in rightsourcing vs outsourcing?

Operational Impact

Choosing between rightsourcing vs outsourcing requires you to check your business processes. Which option fits in with the way your business runs and its operational capacity?


If the service only requires an hour of work a day, outsourcing saves your in-house staff time. While rightsourcing would be better for tasks that need more time and long-term services. 

Depth of Service 

You must also consider the extent to which you want expert knowledge to be used in your business. Rightsourcing experts can provide continual recommendations for new technologies and methodologies.


Consequently, they become strategic partners, useful for consultation, not just order-takers like outsourced experts.

Final Thoughts on Rightsourcing vs Outsourcing 

Regardless of where you stand on rightsourcing vs outsourcing, staying competitive requires effort. You must use every management tool available to achieve effective business management.


It’s all about helping your business deliver the greatest value. Remember – there’s no universal puzzle piece to fit every business perfectly. Whatever your company structure, you’ll need to find the right fit for you.


At Noon Dalton we aim to help businesses do just this! By refining your sourcing strategies, we can help you scale and manage your teams effectively.


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Learn the Benefits of Hiring a Remote Team to Handle Your Lead Generation Efforts.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of many businesses.  Firstly, the problem is dedicating the necessary resources to lead generation. Especially in the face of all of the other responsibilities that go into running a business can become extremely difficult.


But, by utilising a remote team, organizations are able to continue or even scale up their lead generation efforts. Without having to dedicate in-house staff to these tasks.


If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, using Noon Dalton’s teams for lead generation may be exactly what you need.

Black Flat Screen Computer Monitor on Black Wooden Table

Lead Generation Tasks That are Perfect for Remote Teams

Lead collection

To reach out to potential leads you obviously need to have a database of prospects.  Most companies simply purchase leads in bulk from list building services.  However, the problem with this approach is that you never know how fresh your leads really are.  By utilizing a remote team,  you can develop your own database. This ensures that you’re using the latest and most up-to-date contact information for each of your leads.

Email outreach

Does much of your outreach occur over email?  If so, you can utilize remote teams to reach out to contacts via email to start the conversation about your products or services.  You can provide your team with detailed instructions including specific email copy to use when reaching out to potential leads.

Email management

Remote teams can also monitor your email to qualify leads and only pass on information that seems pertinent. This is usually based on specifications that you have outlined.

Social media tasks

Another way that many businesses are gaining customers is via social media.  It’s worth noting, in today’s fast-paced business world, you need to be active on social media.  However, if you or anyone on your team doesn’t have experience with social media, a remote team member can be of great assistance.  Keep all of your social media profiles up-to-date without having to shift someone’s focus to this often time-consuming task.

Lead tracking

Reaching out to a handful of leads is one thing, but keeping track of each lead individually can be quite time-consuming.  With a remote team, you can ensure that each interaction with every lead is tracked methodically to ensure accuracy.  In addition, many remote team members are well versed in CRM solutions that can make lead tracking relatively easy.

Online research

Are you interested in pursuing a new product or service?  Researching the viability of new initiatives can be extremely time consuming and will likely take you away from your primary job duties.  By working with a remote team, you can hand off these research tasks and only make a decision about whether to pursue this new initiative after analyzing the detailed information provided by your virtual resource. 


See more of our Sales Support services.

Interested in Boosting Your Efforts?

If your lead generation efforts aren’t producing the results that you would like, why not give the experts at Noon Dalton a call today to set up a free consultation about using remote teams? 


Elevate your team and delegate to our team. Contact us today to discuss our professional BPO services.


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Remote Work Experts: Noon Dalton Earns New Positive Review on Clutch

BPO and remote back office support services benefit businesses of all sizes. The setup lets the client access the provider’s technology, expertise, and strategic knowledge. They also have better budget flexibility, strategic focus on core competencies, and diversity. These factors let companies focus on what matters for their business. 


At Noon Dalton, we strive to provide those benefits in a consistent way. We also keep up with the growth of the industry. We are agile, connected, and cost-effective. The experience and skills of our remote teams help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Even as they face challenges and obstacles. 

What Our Clients Say About Our Remote Work

Recently, we received a positive response from a client of ours, a full-service real estate and property management firm. 


They needed our services for administrative organization, marketing solutions, and software management. They had an old system. We took charge of growing new solutions for it and ultimately bringing progress to the business. In the end, the project was successful. 


Here’s what the client said about us on Clutch, a B2B rating and reviews website: 


“They had loyal support throughout the collaboration.” — CEO, Whitetail Properties 


Another client left us an amazing review. As an IT company, this client wanted to improve their performance by delegating administrative tasks and significantly driving down admin costs. 


Our highly qualified staff helped them improve their response times. We tackled issues relating to human resources, management, accounting, and finance. 


As we provided an excellent service, the client rated us 4.5 out of 5 stars in the different aspects of their experience. 

This amazing review comes with another accomplishment for us. We’ve been ranked among the top 30 back office BPO services in the Philippines by The Manifest, Clutch’s sister company. The Manifest provides an excellent guide to B2B services. Being recognized by them comes as a result of our customers’ trust in our abilities. 


Our services include customer support, sales support, recruiting and human resources, accounting and bookkeeping, data processing, insurance processing, underwriting, and e-commerce


As we work together, we help you evaluate your business needs, design a process for you, and hire and train the remote team that you need. 


To learn more about our services, check out our case studies and see what we’ve done for our clients. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Cities with the Highest Minimum Wage Amount (And How to Lower Overhead Costs)

Is your company struggling with this economic downturn? Remote team services can help

Minimum wage has been a hot topic of discussion for years. Since 2016, a number of state and city governments have raised the rate and some are pushing to raise it higher. Others believe that doing so could damage the economy by making operation difficult for small and mid-sized businesses around the country.


And while the minimum wage does vary from state to state and city to city, there are some areas of the United States where it is higher than average – and if you’re a business owner operating there, you’ve likely felt the sting when it comes to hiring and payroll expenses. 


No matter where your business is, there are ways to combat lofty wage rates with procurement outsourcing.  

Which cities have the highest minimum wage in the country?

Many cities in the United States have minimum wages that are notably higher than mandates from both their state and the federal government. Here’s a snapshot of those that are among the highest over the past few years:

  • San Francisco went from $13 per hour in 2016, rising steadily each year until it reached $16.07 in 2020
  • Seattle went from $12 per hour in 2016, rising steadily each year until it reached $16.39 in 2020
  • Chicago went from $10.50 per hour in 2016 to $13 in 2019
  • Washington, DC increased from $11.50 per hour to $15 
  • Los Angeles went from $9 per hour, rising to $15 per hour in 2020
  • New York City moved to $15 per hour in 2019

What are your options?

Firstly, no matter what industry you’re in, finding qualified personnel is key to your success. And it can be a challenge. The rising minimum wage rates around the country add another level of difficulty.


This is because they’re pushing the entire pay scale upward. More qualified candidates are, in turn, demanding higher wages, forcing many businesses to seek alternative staffing solutions.


Outsourcing and the use of remote team services are solutions that are allowing these businesses to find professional personnel they can afford, as well as take advantage of several other unique benefits. 

Procurement outsourcing with professional remote teams – no minimum wage worries

Although the term outsourcing has been around for several years, many companies are unfamiliar with how it works and how their business can utilize this type of service to lower their expenses.


In essence, hiring professional teams who work remotely, most often in other countries, gives American organizations access to skilled professionals at a much lower rate.


Uninhibited by the minimum wage requirements of their state, or even on the federal level, these companies can maximize productivity and efficiency by using a team of workers who have the skills they require without the overhead of an onsite employee. 


Line items like insurance, benefits, and employee-related taxes, as well as the fact that these workers don’t require a physical space in the office, all lead to a significant decrease in human resources expense.


And virtual employees can manage a wide range of tasks, from mundane, repetitive duties that keep your highly-skilled personnel from focusing on more important matters, to more specialized jobs like marketing, recruiting, and research. 

Our professional remote teams are skilled in a variety of disciplines, including:

Outsourcing is not new, but more and more businesses around the country are discovering the need to use remote team services to combat continuously rising minimum and overall wages in the United States.


Wherever you’re conducting business, finding qualified people at a rate that’s affordable is easily achieved through our services. If your organization is struggling with this issue, get in touch with Noon Dalton today. 


Outsourcing, the Only Way to Vaccinate Your Business Against COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought the global economy to a grinding halt. Assuming that you are not a hand sanitizer company (in which case, your stocks have flourished) your business has also suffered. With global distancing, isolation, and even country-wide lockdowns as the new standard.  This might make it feel impossible to keep business going. Then along came outsourcing.


The switch to remote work can be daunting. Particularly for businesses that have relied on face-to-face customer interactions. Working remotely doesn’t only apply to ‘office’-type work. Thus, retailers can switch to e-commerce-based trading and restaurants can switch to delivery services. Even conferences can be held online. As the age-old adage goes, necessity is the mother of all invention. In other words, facing these challenges head-on with a creative mindset can be the deciding factor in keeping your business afloat in this storm. These changes in business operating procedures are bound to present challenges. Particularly, the need to: rapidly grow or reduce your workforce, find skilled employees, and set up call centers. Doing this in-house can become expensive and labor-intensive. Over and above this, it wastes time. Outsourcing non-core business functions allows you to focus on your company’s long term survival. 

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Reduced Operational Costs

The overhead costs of having permanent employees can be astronomical. Space, equipment, and other physical resources are limited due to cost. By outsourcing BPO processes to virtual employees, you save on these physical costs. The best way to maximize these savings is to outsource functions that are resource or equipment intensive. Call centers are a good example of this, as they need lots of staff and equipment. 

  • Improved Reporting, Compliance Management, and Regulations

In many businesses, very strict legal regulations need to be adhered to. These often require mountains of paperwork. Also, these are the tasks that are most often put off. Paying your employees their full salaries to spend so much time doing admin is a waste of both money and talent. Optimize your human resources by outsourcing the tedious and repetitive tasks. Another major benefit is that the quality of these tasks is often improved upon by outsourcing. Training individuals to do a small selection of tasks well increases speed and quality.   

  • Non-Monetary Staff Benefits

In-house employees cost more than just their salaries. Depending on your local laws, you may be obliged to pay health insurance, retirement funds, and other benefits. When using an outsourcing firm, you save on wages and benefits. This reduces the total cost to the company.

  • Reduce Training Costs 

Training employees is both expensive and timely. When outsourcing, you do not need to worry about training. If there are tasks that are specific to your business, you give the company one training package and allow them to follow through with the onboarding process. 

  • Flexibility and Scalability

You can easily up-scale and down-scale your workforce when outsourcing. You do not have contracts with individual virtual employees, but rather the outsourcing firm itself. This means that, if you have a sudden increase or decrease in cash flow, you can scale your workforce accordingly. 

COVID-19 Business Survival Tools 

Act now. A delay in addressing the problems brought forward by the current crisis may very well lead to a total collapse of your business. Even more importantly, every business has a responsibility to keep both their customers and their staff safe. When arming yourself against the fallout of COVID-19, you should focus on these four ideas: 

  1. A Unifying Objective. You need to ensure your team has a clear and attainable goal. In these crazy times, it is easy to give instructions like ‘just keep going’ without addressing the underlying issues. 

  1. Support Your People. Communities have been bought to their knees. This crisis has affected everyone in some way. The uncertainty of the future has left many in vulnerable positions. Support your staff both in their work functions and in their personal lives, if you can. Organizing child care or ensuring home internet access are simple ways to help in this troubled time. 

  1. Flexibility. Right now, you need to be flexible. Give your employees the space they need to adjust to this massive change. Depending on where you are in the world, your employees may have their movements severely restricted. 


Outsourcing can assist you to make these ideas a reality. For instance, outsourcing repetitive administrative tasks gives the core business team freedom. Allowing them to focus their efforts completely on growing your business. In addition, using flexible online platforms allows your team to access this extra support whilst working remotely.   

So What can I Outsource?

The beauty of outsourcing is that the opportunities are endless. There are many outsourcing firms around the world. You could outsource anything from lead generation to accounting. In the time of social distancing, online functions are what your business needs to focus on. Here are some functions to consider outsourcing during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Anything you need to be done, at any time, your remote workers are there to do all the things you need but don’t have time to do. That email you need to be answered? Done. Your reports and other admin? Done. Their abilities and functions are limitless. 

Many traditional retailers are having to change their business model to an online model. This can be extremely challenging. Websites, payment portals, and delivery services will need to be set up in record time. Outsourcing these processes to companies can save both time and money. Above all, an experienced outsourcing partner will ensure excellent quality. This is important for businesses that are taking on a new model. 

As we have mentioned, with the Corona pandemic, companies will have to rapidly grow and shrink their workforce. In this time, you may need to hire or re-hire employees. The recruitment process is notorious for being both expensive and labor-intensive. Specialized recruiters or human resource managers are expensive to keep on full-time. Yet, their expertise is irreplaceable when looking for top talent. Outsource RPO to experienced human resource professionals to find the best talent.

Call centers are extremely costly to set up and run, particularly if you require a 24/7 facility. They cannot be replaced in the customer service process. Customers want to speak to an actual human being. A badly run call center can cost you your customers. Because you are losing face-to-face contact time with your clients, it is very important to ensure that your customer service is top-notch. 

What About Those Lucky Few? 

Hand sanitizer companies, toilet paper manufacturers, and online video conferencing platforms are experiencing unprecedented growth. As a result, their staffing needs have changed dramatically. 

  • Outsourcing recruitment processes can save a lot of time and effort when you need to grow your staff substantially and quickly.
  • Unfortunately, more business often results in more administration. As we have emphasized, paying your employees top dollar to do administration is a waste. Outsource these tasks to remote workers who are flexible, who do not require long term contracts, and who can be onboarded quickly and effectively. 
  • Your customer support will need to be ramped up as you get more and more customers. Setting up call centers at this time is not only costly but near impossible, due to social distancing protocol. 
  • You don’t want to be stuck with all the excess weight when markets begin to normalize. Bringing on more permanent employees at this time can be a costly mistake. What goes up, must come down. Hopefully, your company continues on the upward trend indefinitely. To ensure it does, you need to be able to shrink your workforce back down if needs be, to manage costs. This is one of the main benefits of outsourcing.  

Take-Home Points 

  1. COVID-19 has changed the world on a massive scale. If businesses are going to make it through this global recession, they need to adapt to the new social norms. 
  2. Outsourcing can help take the administration pressure off your team so that they can focus on where their talents are needed to grow your firm. 
  3. Your business may need to rapidly up-scale or down-scale in size. By outsourcing work instead of hiring permanent staff, you maintain a dynamic workforce that can grow or shrink on demand. 
  4. During this pandemic, or in its aftermath, you may find that you are needing to replace permanent staff. Outsourcing RPO processes can make finding the right talent easier and more cost-effective. 
  5. Swapping to e-commerce platforms may be the only way in which you can survive as a retailer. This requires a massive overhaul of traditional methods of business. This needs to happen quickly but with incredible care. Outsourcing these new functions can be both cheaper and easier than trying to do them in-house.
  6. Ensure that your customer service is up to scratch in this turbulent time. Outsource these services to existing call centers and remote workers to take the pressure off your staff and save on costs. 

Your Outsourcing Partner

Noon Dalton is an industry leader in the outsourcing community. Since our establishment in 2009, we have serviced a wide range of clients. We have advised clients ranging from Fortune Five Hundred companies to new start-ups finding their feet. No matter where you are in your business journey, we are able to walk alongside you. Our team has knowledge of a wide range of fields. These include finance, administration, operations, marketing, research, recruitment, and many more. We want to help you and your business thrive. Your success is our success. This is why we offer free consultation as part of our service, to ensure that we are with you along every step of your journey.  


Do not just outsource –  ‘right source’ with us. In these trying times, your business needs to be flexible and adaptable. There are major changes ahead, but you don’t need to go it alone. We are here to help you through this pandemic and after. If you want a partner who cares as much about your growth as you do, contact us at Noon Dalton today.