Why Your Software Company Needs a Virtual Team

It’s predicted that 70% of organizations will have virtual teams by 2028. Thanks to this trend, companies are able to broaden their search for talent to a worldwide level thanks to a number of communications technologies and platforms, which enables them to create varied and specialized teams with the adaptability needed to succeed in a constantly shifting business climate.

There is definitely a need for a fresh and sustainable strategy given all the problems with the conventional outsourcing model, from subpar quality to delivery time delays to other issues like loss of control.

Offshoring allows for the construction of a new business center or facility that is specifically committed to specializing in the product or service that you are aiming to supply, whereas outsourcing is a standard customer-supplier approach. The offshoring process can resemble a parent-child relationship. For instance, Microsoft’s offshore R&D facility is located in Hyderabad, India. Offshoring, on the other hand, also offers a medium ground by enabling independent software vendors to have a dedicated staff rather than a fluctuating outsourced team.

The suggested approach is to work with a dedicated virtual team from a trustworthy outsourcing partner in order for any independent software vendors to actually succeed with their offshoring initiatives. Although an efficient and lucrative business model, it takes a lot of time and effort to identify the perfect partner, put together a team that is tailored to your needs, and then get them on board and on par with your in-house team. You’re in it for the long run, though, once you’re able to do this and establish a working relationship with a dependable service provider who combines extensive industry experience with software competence.

dedicated virtual team

Top Reasons You Should Consider a Virtual Team for Your Software Company

Maintaining Control

One of the biggest benefits of employing a dedicated virtual team is having total control over the offshore team, from recruiting the team to establishing procedures and operating hours. The crew only works for the customer, who can closely monitor the resources and workflow, guarantee efficiency through project management, provide regular progress updates, and scale up operations quickly as needed.

Project Based vs Product Based Development

An offshoring provider often assigns software engineers to your project in a project-based situation. These engineers can, however, be transferred to various customer teams as required. You would therefore have to invest time and effort into grooming and educating the new team members each time a team member is moved, which would have a negative influence on your product roadmap. Having devoted teams enables you to grow operations and have a staff totally committed to your product across all of its lifecycle stages. Additionally, you would have total command over the staff to guarantee premium quality, prompt delivery, and top performance.

Transparent Communication

The dedicated virtual team approach maintains open lines of communication. Offshoring increasingly includes more than just sending a portion of the development to an unidentified, faceless crew. Instead, it takes on a more personal quality and increases accountability and responsibility. The client solely determines the processes that will be used, just as they would have been done internally. With this strategy, the customer has the freedom to match the specialized team’s culture to that of his own firm and the flexibility to set expectations in accordance with corporate norms.

Improved Affordability

There typically aren’t any fixed costs or unstated overhead charges when using a dedicated team strategy. An attentive staff works in perfect harmony with the client’s procedures and expectations, which directly guarantees an ideal, cost-effective result. Additionally, the customer doesn’t have to spend much on training or problem-solving because he has access to highly qualified, experienced, and properly chosen resources.

Timely Project Delivery

There is close communication and collaboration between the team and the customer, and the staff is totally dedicated to your project and cannot be reassigned elsewhere. Together, these elements reduce the possibility of delays.

Partner with a Reputable Outsourcing Company for Your Tech Virtual Team

The dedicated team development method recognizes that requirements cannot be set in stone at the outset of the product development process. It typically adopts an agile methodology, which over time turns out to be a time and money efficient technique. Engaging a specialized team for the development of your software product might result in a win-win approach for your ISV firm if a mutually beneficial collaboration is established early on.