Things to Consider Before Choosing to Outsource Customer Service

Choosing to outsource customer service can have a huge positive impact on many aspects of your business if you’re looking to establish a strong brand reputation and enhance customer service. 

How adept a company is at providing a seamless and pleasant customer experience has a big impact on their business reputation. After all, one of the most prevalent reasons for brand churn is poor customer service. On the other side of the same coin, when a brand provides exceptional customer service, customers are 15 times more likely to return. 

Buyers across all industries, including B2C and B2B, are placing an increasing value on customer service. In fact, today’s customers place customer service as their top concern when choosing a vendor. Going above and above for your clients is a surefire way to increase retention and long-term success, but how can you be certain that an outsourced firm will be able to live up to (or even exceed) your expectations?

There are a few things you should be aware of before outsourcing your customer support to another company.

1. Outsourcing Companies Have Specialised Expertise

Customer service-focused businesses put a lot of work, time, and money into enhancing their offerings and adhering to industry standards. When it comes to providing excellent customer service, they’ve had numerous chances to hone their art and approach.


In most circumstances, you can rely on their service knowledge to adopt the best approach for your company and customer base, freeing up your time to focus on what your company does best.

2. You Should Look For a Supplier With Expertise in Your Industry

You might discover that many outsourced service representatives lack the necessary technical expertise and/or aren’t as enthusiastic about the industry you work in.


However, there are outsourcing companies that concentrate on clients in particular industries and have a wealth of experience serving clients in your sector. They hire knowledgeable representatives who can quickly learn your product and meet the needs of your clients.

3. Understand the Methods Used For Quality Control

The level of support you get from companies who outsource their customer service varies greatly.


This should be a crucial consideration in your choice of agency because 68% of customers think that a pleasant representative is an essential component of superior customer service.


Variations in quality frequently result from your outsourced team’s management structure and established methods.


Instead of hiring management to lead the team and align with your vision, many businesses hire leadership to serve as little more than babysitters for their customer service representatives. 


However, you can obtain a full support department with tier-based management layers from businesses that see themselves as more of a partner than just a vendor.


4. Different Pricing Strategies Will Work for Different Businesses

Various factors, such as volume, client needs, and the company’s growth, can affect which pricing model is best for your business. Outsourced call centers can charge in a variety of ways.


Here, we’ll list a couple of the most popular pricing structures.


This model encompasses pay-per-resolution and pay-by-the-minute services. 


  • Pros: Scalability – you only pay for what you use
  • Cons: Changes in volume can cause costs to surge, and workers are motivated by quantity rather than quality.


Outsourcing for a specific period of time, with pay upfront.

  • Pros: Discounts for longer durations and good for anticipated volume increases.
  • Cons: Overage fees and money wasted if you don’t use the entire amount of time paid for.


How much you are paid depends on how many salespeople you have.

  • Pros: Able to manage an unlimited number of requests, motivated by customer satisfaction
  • Cons: Long-term contracts are occasionally necessary, and you pay the same regardless of volume.


5. There are Distinct Issues Associated With Offshore Call Centers


Many outsourced customer service organisations are offshore firms that provide call center staff in nations other than the United States.


While these massive BPOs can handle high request volumes at low prices, going with an untested firm can bring issues in terms of customer service quality


Some of the major issues with offshore contact centers are as follows:

  • Language and accent disparities create communication obstacles.
  • A lack of cultural background makes it difficult for agents to relate to customers.
  • Time zone differences that may impact agent availability
  • Unexpected legal or regulatory barriers in other nations
  • Agents who rely on call scripts, which can annoy your consumers


6. Establish Who Owns Your Consumer Data

One of the key advantages of providing excellent customer service is the ability to collect client data. Two-thirds of customers are willing to disclose personal information if they believe it will be beneficial.


Avoid outsourced firms that raise doubt about data security or ownership of your client data to ensure you’re obtaining value from this data as well.


Before signing a contract, do your research and read the fine print; otherwise, you may not be able to use your clients’ feedback or take up where the agency left off if you ever switch to an in-house team.


7. Opportunities Exist With Outsourcing That Go Beyond Delivering Quality Service

A good customer service company will be transparent about client interactions and comments and will bring their specialist skills to bear on data analysis.


Choose an outsourcing partner who can offer in-depth insights from the data they gather, who will assist you in expanding your knowledge base, and who will help you enhance your product and business plan to better serve the demands of your customers.



Outsourced customer service comes in a variety of sizes, price points, and levels of service quality. When you know what to look for, it is much easier to locate the ideal agency for your organisation.

When it comes to supporting and delighting your customers, and choosing to outsource customer service, do your homework and understand that you don’t have to settle for subpar service or break the bank.