Top 4 Benefits of a Remote Team

A revealing profile of the professional remote team that is about to upgrade your productivity.


This article is brought to you by the letter V. As in virtual.


Interesting word, virtual. On its surface, it can mean there is no surface. It has two main definitions. In the computer world, “virtual” means something that doesn’t physically exist, but made to appear as if it does with technology. Otherwise, to say something is “virtual” can mean it’s almost or nearly as described – but not exactly. 


Ponder the two states of virtual as you apply it to – you knew this was coming – a virtual remote team. If you have a remote team, you know he or she is very real. You will also agree that the benefits of a virtual remote team justify an additional definition. Indispensable.

The Remote Team Transformation of Virtual

Virtual remote teams have come a long way in a short period of time. Not long ago, they were almost as rare as the entrepreneur with a successful exit from their startup that employed them. But they are much more common, and an excellent example of the possibilities when human efficiency and attention are enhanced by technology.


You don’t get a robot, but neither do you engage the small business outsourcing services of what used to be called a secretary. Thanks to technology, your remote team has been bestowed amazing powers. 

Here are the top 4 benefits of a remote team: 

  1. Remote teams – there but not there

By virtue of their virtuality, these uber-efficient individuals don’t require the traditional expenses involved with hiring someone to provide you with administrative support. No desk. No chair. You may not actually meet this person for quite some time – if ever – but the lack of anything more than minimal support expenses is something that will make your acquaintance right away. 

  1. The key to true multitasking

Studies have underscored the fallacy that we humans can multitask. Instead of doing one thing and crushing it, you only end up accomplishing a couple of things marginally well. 


Think of the one thing you want to do tomorrow that’s as close to perfect as possible. What if you could focus on this because your remote team cleared 25% of your day for you? That’s the current estimate of how much time we’re mired in email hell. The only email decision you’ll need to make is when you’ll pause to sweep through your prioritized messages. Close the calendar. It’s already been updated for you. 

  1. The tip of the virtual remote team iceberg

Go back to the whiteboard and dig a bit deeper if administrative support is the only thing that crosses your mind when thinking of “remote team.” Many of the men and women drawn to this emerging profession are college graduates. What’s your speciality? Why not hire a remote team with the same formal education?  

  1. No ordinary person

Ask an entrepreneur or executive to talk about their remote team. The story they tell you may be nothing resembling what you thought you might hear. Prepare to have your outlook reshaped, and a few stereotypes tossed by the wayside, as well. 


Business leaders have already discovered what you will find out when you hire a remote team. They’re often invisible, but it does not diminish their presence. 


Here’s something you may not expect. Your remote team will probably be at least bilingual and in many cases, multilingual. They’re knowledgeable and culturally sensitive. Living half a world away shapes an amazing and refreshing attitude toward work and performance. 

Noon Dalton – Your Partner for Remote Teams

The upgrade to your professional and personal productivity is brought to you by the letter V – as in virtual. It’s also made possible by the letter T – as in technology.


Advances render geography and distance unimportant, connecting you with amazingly qualified people who have a combination of talent and business skills not easy to find. 


You gain more than productivity. Your additional reward is a fresh perspective provided by virtual pairs of eyes and ears. Their reward is the freedom to live and work where they choose.


If you’re ready to use remote teams and business outsourcing services to enhance your freedom and profitability, contact Noon Dalton here.


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