Cities with the Highest Minimum Wage Amount (And How to Lower Overhead Costs)

Is your company struggling with this economic downturn? Remote team services can help

Minimum wage has been a hot topic of discussion for years. Since 2016, a number of state and city governments have raised the rate and some are pushing to raise it higher. Others believe that doing so could damage the economy by making operation difficult for small and mid-sized businesses around the country.


And while the minimum wage does vary from state to state and city to city, there are some areas of the United States where it is higher than average – and if you’re a business owner operating there, you’ve likely felt the sting when it comes to hiring and payroll expenses. 


No matter where your business is, there are ways to combat lofty wage rates with procurement outsourcing.  

Which cities have the highest minimum wage in the country?

Many cities in the United States have minimum wages that are notably higher than mandates from both their state and the federal government. Here’s a snapshot of those that are among the highest over the past few years:

  • San Francisco went from $13 per hour in 2016, rising steadily each year until it reached $16.07 in 2020
  • Seattle went from $12 per hour in 2016, rising steadily each year until it reached $16.39 in 2020
  • Chicago went from $10.50 per hour in 2016 to $13 in 2019
  • Washington, DC increased from $11.50 per hour to $15 
  • Los Angeles went from $9 per hour, rising to $15 per hour in 2020
  • New York City moved to $15 per hour in 2019

What are your options?

Firstly, no matter what industry you’re in, finding qualified personnel is key to your success. And it can be a challenge. The rising minimum wage rates around the country add another level of difficulty.


This is because they’re pushing the entire pay scale upward. More qualified candidates are, in turn, demanding higher wages, forcing many businesses to seek alternative staffing solutions.


Outsourcing and the use of remote team services are solutions that are allowing these businesses to find professional personnel they can afford, as well as take advantage of several other unique benefits. 

Procurement outsourcing with professional remote teams – no minimum wage worries

Although the term outsourcing has been around for several years, many companies are unfamiliar with how it works and how their business can utilize this type of service to lower their expenses.


In essence, hiring professional teams who work remotely, most often in other countries, gives American organizations access to skilled professionals at a much lower rate.


Uninhibited by the minimum wage requirements of their state, or even on the federal level, these companies can maximize productivity and efficiency by using a team of workers who have the skills they require without the overhead of an onsite employee. 


Line items like insurance, benefits, and employee-related taxes, as well as the fact that these workers don’t require a physical space in the office, all lead to a significant decrease in human resources expense.


And virtual employees can manage a wide range of tasks, from mundane, repetitive duties that keep your highly-skilled personnel from focusing on more important matters, to more specialized jobs like marketing, recruiting, and research. 

Our professional remote teams are skilled in a variety of disciplines, including:

Outsourcing is not new, but more and more businesses around the country are discovering the need to use remote team services to combat continuously rising minimum and overall wages in the United States.


Wherever you’re conducting business, finding qualified people at a rate that’s affordable is easily achieved through our services. If your organization is struggling with this issue, get in touch with Noon Dalton today.