Timm Kellerman


After studying business administration, Timm started directly in the automotive industry in 1995 and focused early on on process optimization, productivity increases, and the continuous improvement of organizations. In the conception and implementation of large, international change initiatives in development, sales, service, and IT, he systematically got to know the success factors of cooperation in large, distributed teams. Timm brought this knowledge to bear on a large number of projects with machine and plant manufacturers, suppliers and innovative start-ups. Finding the right balance between systemically enforced structure and human flexible work was often a crucial task.

He now brings this expertise to the business development at Noon Dalton. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive, processing industry and IT, Timm knows the challenges and needs of many companies first-hand, and with this understanding makes a significant contribution to customer-oriented adjustment of the range of services for the DACH market.