Streamline Your Ecommerce Business with Virtual Staff

They work in your business so you can work on your business

As more people are looking to shop online, ecommerce has literally exploded in popularity over the past few years. Shoppers would much rather sit on their sofas at home and order gifts online and have them arrive at their doorstep in just a few days.

While ecommerce is extremely convenient for the consumer, there is quite a bit of work that must take place behind the scenes to ensure proper delivery. One way that savvy businesses are handling these duties is by utilizing virtual resources.

How can virtual resources be used in an E-Commerce workflow?

While much of an ecommerce business is highly automated, there are still a number of background activities that need to be taken care of to ensure smooth operations throughout the company. Many of these activities are time consuming and tedious and may not be something that you want highly paid, full time employees to handle.

With virtual staff members from Noon Dalton, you can easily pass on the basic administrative tasks that are an integral part of the entire ecommerce process cycle.

How using virtual workers benefits you:

  • Flexibility: The ecommerce industry can be extremely cyclical. Sales usually balloon during the holidays leaving companies scrambling to have sufficient staff. With virtual staff members you can instantly increase your workforce to handle a boost in sales and then reduce the number of virtual workers you’re using during slower times.
  • Cost:Virtual staff can complete many administrative tasks, which is much more cost effective than paying your higher salary employees to complete these same tasks.
  • Time:Are many of your employees overworked? Do they have a sufficient work life balance? If not, virtual workers may be the solution that you’ve been looking for. Use virtual staff to handle some of the overflow work that never seems to get done while allowing your full time employees to not have to work so much overtime during busy times.
  • Saves office space:You don’t need additional office space when scaling your virtual workforce. Simply add more workers without having to deal with all of the added expense and stress of additional in-office employees.
  • Increased productivity:Virtual workers don’t need to commute to your office, which means they have more time to work. A variety of technological tools also allow employers to easily measure a virtual team member’s productivity to ensure success.
  • More environmentally friendly:Because virtual workers don’t have to commute, there are less vehicles on the road and less pollution that is escaping into the environment. While this benefit is often overlooked, it should not be discounted when deciding to hire virtual staff.

Could you use virtual staff to streamline your ecommerce business?

If you have a successful ecommerce business, you and your team are likely spending a large amount of time on simple, repeatable tasks that could be offloaded to a virtual staff member.

For more information about Noon Dalton Ecommerce Support and how to streamline your ecommerce with virtual staff, reach out to our support team for a free trial that will let you experience the many benefits outsourcing can bring to your business.