3 Jobs Marketing Teams Can Outsource Today

Use outsourcing services to give your marketing team the time they need to focus

Most business owners have heard about the benefits of outsourcing services. In fact, in today’s highly-digital business environment, more companies are realizing that many of the tasks they need accomplished on a daily basis can be achieved by virtual teams working offsite. And while many managers and owners simply consider using these remote workers for administrative and general office work, their true capabilities span a range of complicated tasks, including marketing.

If you haven’t yet outsourced any of your marketing needs, check out how you can use virtual employees to lower expenses and increase efficiency:

1. Sales and marketing support

Your sales team is busy – which is always good for business. But if they’re too busy qualifying leads, managing the customer or lead database, or following up on prospects, they may not have the time they need to be doing what you hired them to do: sell!

Imagine how much more focus and attention your salespeople will be able to give to actual sales when they’ve been freed from many of the tasks that can be outsourced. Professional virtual assistants are not only capable of managing a lot of the backend support for your sales team, they’re skilled, educated, and trained in these precise areas:

  • Generating and qualifying leads
  • Database maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Follow-up with prospects via email

2. Outsource social media and online marketing

As important as social media and online marketing are, there are very few business owners who have the time to effectively manage these campaigns while handling all of their other responsibilities. Engaging with your customers, monitoring your social medial pages, and ensuring that you have an active online presence are essential to your success, and many companies are now efficiently outsourcing these tasks. Some of the online marketing duties that a professional virtual assistant can perform for you include:

  • Creating and managing your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Overseeing comments and moderating comments to your social media pages and company blog
  • Actively participating in your company’s forum and acting as moderator
  • Tracking and reporting web activity

3. Email marketing and newsletter communication

Some of the most effective ways to market your company are via email and e-newsletter. These vehicles allow you to speak to a broad audience of both customers and prospects at the same time. But just like other marketing tasks, managing these types of campaigns often takes a staff member away from their other duties (which can affect their productivity and your bottom line). Instead, consider outsourcing these jobs to a dedicated professional virtual assistant who can ensure that quality communication is happening on a consistent basis.

Virtual marketing outsourcing services are a reality

Today’s marketing teams have a lot on their plate. It’s a challenge to gain an edge over the competition and to remain at the forefront of your industry without a consistently and well-executed marketing strategy in place. Business owners who outsource some of their more repetitive marketing tasks are able to give their onsite teams the time they need to focus of creating winning campaigns and generating more traffic through all their channels.

If you’re looking to outsource some of your marketing tasks, get in touch with Noon Dalton today. As the leading provider of professional virtual assistants, we can get you the help you need to reap the rewards of outsourcing services.